He(art) Werk

More lessons in letting go & letting things BE. Whooosh…..
This is the best way to tell that I have come a long, long way in healing and growing. This is a test. This is only a test. Showing me what works and what does not. Emotions, move aside please. Thank you. 
It is not easy to shift your self over to new ways of doing, thinking or operating. This life has never given me anything “easily”! However, the pride I can identify and attach to the hard heart work has so much value. I appreciate and welcome all my life lessons. I support my heart work and my heart work supports me. 
Sometimes I do not have what I need to get what I want; be it legs to stand on or skills to build from. But I never worry now because the one skill I trust is my ability to find someone with the tools I need to move forward. 

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse promises me much light and growth in my self worth, my adventures and my community development projects. I set schedules and tasks that support Werk and Fun Equally. I highly recommend it! 

Have an ART-FULL day! 


I Razzle. I Dazzle.

I woke up this morning and decided I am healed. I decided that I wasn’t going to look back at anything anymore. I am not going to should on myself ever again! It’s time. I am happily looking for new adventures, new collaborators, new friends and new Werk to keep me fresh, alive and BUSY!!! This is what creating a world worth living in looks like!!!! Today IS a new day! 

Whatcha got people? 

Tell me what you are building, making, doing, creating?!?!? I thrive on your ideas and adventures!  


The Gift of Thumbs

I just want to say… This.
 S K A T E I S T A N!!!
This is the kind of thing we SHOULD be doing in the world. Creating solutions outside of the box!!!

Our human gifts are many; thumbs, standing up on two feet, accessorizing, harmonizing, tears, and even our ability to contemplate. ALL GIFTS!!!

We waste these gifts with all the, “grabbing the most, stealing others liberty, judging hearts and consuming, well, everything in sight!”

We need to CREATE! We need to be creative, supportive and contemplative. We need to do all of this with love and intention. We need to glean the positive and uplifting parts of all of our morals, our ethics and our vast array of religions and simply BE BETTER. That’s all. It is NOT a contest. I repeat: NOT. CONTEST.

We don’t need to be great “again” we need to always be working to get better. We will never reach great because that would be the end, do we want an end?? No. Our only purpose is practice. Our only goal is innovation. Our only salvation is love. 

These kids get it because they’ve seen things. Instead of waiting until you’ve seen things- just take a lesson from them and start working together to MAKE. 

Practice, innovate, love. 

We don’t really want to go back. Nostalgia is a weakness. We want to go forward, differently. We want to build a world full of empowered, healthy, kind humans who skate, rock, start, think, lift, move, reach, dance, laugh, sustain, clean, save and care. 

It’s easier than we think and it starts with you.

What would organization would YOU create to improve your local community? 

Let’s spend more time thinking about helping and less time thinking about what we’re owed! 


Kicking My Self

This, “living the dream shit”, is fucking hard.  I’m super emo and I just want to complain about every, single thing. I want to cry and overeat. I want to give up and burn it all down. But, I can’t. Being an artist is a compulsion like no other. 

I will keep going even if this crap is never good enough for anyone to purchase or admire it. 


Moon Boo Hoo

I gots too many feels right now. It’s like I’m stuffed full of butterflies and bumblebees. I laugh cry and cry laugh. My heart beats fast and I want to sleep all day. I want to do ten million things but I can only do one thing and I can’t decide which one so all I can do is sit her and hummmmm to myself. Either that or it’s all blasting Beasties and talking to myself. I blame the moon. Oh, and the smell of Daphne.
I’d go make art but it just turns out squishy and sharp.

Sometimes; quiet.

Because Monday

Let’s just ban holidays all together. We are all so offensive, offended and off handed that we don’t deserve them. Let’s work seven days a week, continue to eat this horrible food, get intoxicated on whatever is convenient and shoot each other because it’s our right to do so. Because Monday. 
It’s been a long time. 


The last bit of the MercRetro has taught me that I don’t prioritize my SELF high enough in real time. I write my self into my schedule but I am quick to reshuffle the deck for others only to find them unwilling to do the same for me. It’s also taught me that I haven’t tried hard enough to to sell my art. To make a real living from my werk/joy/passion/love. These are two great lessons. Two painful, exhausting and concerning lessons that I am glad to have learned. 

No more chaos, no more exceptions, no more freebies. 

Value my self.  


Sit Still

I am 87.3456294% sure that just sitting here, staring out the window and humming until 5/19 would be more productive than anything I could TRY to do right now. The moon is waning, technology is not interested in what I need, printers are printing half the document, people are misunderstanding me, calendars might as well be blank and money is actually repelled by the sight of me. The POSITIVE SIDE: (which I always want to be sure to highlight for those that see my honestly as a NEGATIVE ONSLAUGHT) I have a lovely house to sit in, a beautiful garden to stare and a healthy head filled with a happy brain and 20/20 vision in my eyeballs so…. That’s the reason the percentage came in so high- I’m not unhappy just meeting an immovable force field over and over hurts. I know I would enjoy sitting here MORE than I enjoy fighting the Universe. The path of least resistance is sit still but my nature is GO! 


You decide. You make things better. Fuck. Why has that been so difficult?

I am trying to understand and explore all the things that made me, me. It’s been an amazing journey so far and I am so excited to keep going, but with much more joy now!

2015 will be my best year yet.

This project is just a small part of my journey but it feels so good.

5×5 project.

Thanks for taking a look!