Choose Your Battles

Today we learned that another family member is involved I trying to sabotage our livelihood. It’s almost an unbelievable story it’s so twisted and crazy. I could go on and on about this, but I’m saving that juice for my first novel (based on fictional characters, of course). I know my husband is sad because he’s had to face a great deal of disappointment from his family in the last few years. He is such a good man and he has worked so hard to become one that it’s heartbreaking to see him put his head down. But he’s finally facing the truth and moving on without the damaged people .

What a huge blessing!!!

No longer will I allow anyone to distrupt or disrespect my husband and I. We are so blessed because we do good, we are honest and trustworthy: I aspire to be even more so because Jason truly embodies this !

I refuse to let this negative energy into my life, ever again.

A dear friend helped me see that, yes, life is hard and, yes, it’s a challenging battle but if you look at it correctly (flip it around) we CAN choose which battles to fight.

I’d rather fight for arts education, community, universal health care and gay marriage that fight a family member over dishes and furniture.

I would rather fight writers block or the grain in a wood panel than fight a family member over money they stole from me.

Good work filled that empty space!


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