Out Of Focus

When I find my mind wondering off and writing it’s own imaginary commentary with my foes about what’s going on in my life I have to stop it, and fast! I used to encourage these pretend conversations with my antagonists and enemies. I used to let these conversations turn into letters I would physically write but rarely send. I would sometimes write them over and over while seething.

I will no longer do this.

In order to change the course or direction this boat is sailing I must throw out the old ways of doing things. This most definitely includes my old habits during conflicts and my reactions to others behaviors, especially if they are offensive and abusive towards me.

I will shut the out of my life and restrict access to my ears. I will stop negotiations or conversations with others about what has happened. I will not have conversations, real or imaginary, about what happened. I will not hear excuses and I will accept apologies and offer forgiveness. I will not make the claim that every thing is just fine or that it will return to normal.

Instead I will write a letter to someone I love dearly; someone I miss or someone I wish I could see more often- perhaps someone who lives far away.

I will tell them about all the good things in my life and ask them loads of questions about what they’re up to these days and maybe even send them a piece of art.

I will banish all thoughts of negativity or conflict with those who seem hell bent on having a raging battle with me.

I already feel elevated and excited about the growing list of those I will be contacting next! I better start sketching and doodling little drawings to mail out right now!

Life is too short to waste time trying to fill up the people who have holes in their hearts… That work can only be done by the owner of the heart.

Writing love notes will fill the empty space.



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