Matters of the Heart.

I love my family. I love them as much as they love me- exactly the same.

That’s how we say it now. “I love you the same”

This idea asks you to picture how much you love another and to believe that that is exactly how much they love you. It can be mind boggling for everyone involved.

Love is bursting out everywhere and we are no longer in contest with, “I love you more!”

I am building up a beautiful new world for my favorite humans, pets and plants. I am creating a living space full of the sweet smell of flowers and warmth of cooking food. I have opened my arms to love and trust and joy and growth. I will fill this space with art and photos, treasures and laughter.

My daily practice will now include thinking wonderful and peaceful thoughts about those who have hurt or confused me. I want the best for them; healing, health, quiet and love. I wish them the best, prosperous life possible.

I wish to attract this exact life for myself and as I say goodbye to this property, these things and these people I say goodbye to all negativity and fixation. I know for sure my life will blossom.

Excitement fills the empty space.



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