I’ve always kept things, you know, to repurpose them into art and useful things.

Doesn’t everyone?

Some of these things make sense and others are so far off the map that it’s now become something I have to change in order to grow and succeed as an artist. I do not need things that I have had for 20 years if I haven’t done anything but pack and move them. Let’s make some stuff or let’s get rid of this crap!!!

I am having a huge estate sale this weekend and it’s sad because most of this stuff was my mother in law’s and she had a real problem with shopping. Seriously. There is so much “broken, half what the hell is this” stuff on this property it’s madness. It made me realize that I never want my loved ones to have to go through all my crap but it’s also made me realize that I need a system to stop myself from collecting all this crapola.

So, the three month rule has been put in place and will be followed. If I haven’t used it or made it into art in three months it must be sold, gifted or donated to someone else. I do not need things that I will not use.

If you want clarity, clear your space.

Movement has filled the empty space.


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