Material Girl

I love things. Antiques, broken junk, paper, photos, fabric, wood and plastic. If it’s shaped like this or curved like that I want to make it into something beautiful.

The problem with things is storing them. I am slowly learning that these things are only part of my process. I set up the studio, I organized the stuff, I moved, recycled, gave away and collected. I’ve done this more than Ive made art. That changed today!

I made a schedule for my studio and I will make art like it’s my JOB! Because it is my job! I’ll have a work schedule and a quota. I will make 3 pieces of art a day for the month of March. Any creative endeavor will do.

In April I will make five sellable pieces.

I need to build my collection. I need to use my materials.

So excited to see how it goes.


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