I wanted to post on Facebook today, but didn’t.

Shut up.

People make me so sad for them.

Dear Everyone Who Moved to Portland This Summer,
Ha ha ha. Whoops!

If I was a cop I’d have road rage ALL THE TIME- people always slowing wayyyy down in front of me and waiting at stop signs for me. Just. Fucking. Go.

Being a mom sucks sometimes. Like, bad. Holy shit. It’s a struggle that I just feel like I can’t share. Even being a dog mom is hard.

Facebook broke Facebook when they started caring only about money. Now it’s just like ALL advertising- I can’t afford it.

Sweet Baby Jesus. Can’t we wait until after Thanksgiving? Seriously. I think he probably feels more hopeful and honored by that day about gorging and oinking anyway <—-he being Jesus.

I'm deleting my Facebook.

[PS: that last one is also a post]


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