Sit Still

I am 87.3456294% sure that just sitting here, staring out the window and humming until 5/19 would be more productive than anything I could TRY to do right now. The moon is waning, technology is not interested in what I need, printers are printing half the document, people are misunderstanding me, calendars might as well be blank and money is actually repelled by the sight of me. The POSITIVE SIDE: (which I always want to be sure to highlight for those that see my honestly as a NEGATIVE ONSLAUGHT) I have a lovely house to sit in, a beautiful garden to stare and a healthy head filled with a happy brain and 20/20 vision in my eyeballs so…. That’s the reason the percentage came in so high- I’m not unhappy just meeting an immovable force field over and over hurts. I know I would enjoy sitting here MORE than I enjoy fighting the Universe. The path of least resistance is sit still but my nature is GO!