He(art) Werk

More lessons in letting go & letting things BE. Whooosh…..
This is the best way to tell that I have come a long, long way in healing and growing. This is a test. This is only a test. Showing me what works and what does not. Emotions, move aside please. Thank you. 
It is not easy to shift your self over to new ways of doing, thinking or operating. This life has never given me anything “easily”! However, the pride I can identify and attach to the hard heart work has so much value. I appreciate and welcome all my life lessons. I support my heart work and my heart work supports me. 
Sometimes I do not have what I need to get what I want; be it legs to stand on or skills to build from. But I never worry now because the one skill I trust is my ability to find someone with the tools I need to move forward. 

This New Moon and Solar Eclipse promises me much light and growth in my self worth, my adventures and my community development projects. I set schedules and tasks that support Werk and Fun Equally. I highly recommend it! 

Have an ART-FULL day!